CREW: Boost Your Job Prospects at the Monaco Yacht Show 2017

Job Prospects - Monaco Yacht Show 2017

Working on a yacht is a challenging but highly rewarding career. Finding the best yacht crew vacancies involves a combination of hard work, luck and knowing the right people. A yachtie’s life is built on the philosophy of ‘work hard, play hard’, and there are plenty of rewarding jobs available on luxury yachts for the right candidates with the correct attitude. When you do get a few days’ break, you might be fortunate enough to attend prestigious events like the Monaco Yacht Show. Whether seeking employment on a better boat or searching for your first position, the Monaco Yacht Show is the perfect event at which to boost your job prospects.

The Monaco Yacht Show

The Monaco Yacht Show is the primary annual yachting event in the Mediterranean and brings together owners, crew and other yachting professionals for a celebration of seafaring. The glamorous event epitomises the luxurious appeal of the Cote d’Azur and consistently attracts prestigious shipbuilders, brokers, recruiters, yacht owners and crew. Taking place from 27th-30th September 2017, the yacht show will welcome more than 125 of the finest superyachts (ranging from 25m to 100m+), filling 9,000 square metres of exhibition space surrounding the iconic Port Hercules. This is a prime time to find the world’s finest yachts in one location and, as a result, many of the industry’s best job opportunities.

Job Prospects - Monaco Yacht Show 2017

A Season of Two Halves

Although the event marks the end of the Mediterranean yachting season, many of the yachts head over to Fort Lauderdale and the Caribbean for the winter months. Some jobs therefore exist at this point in the year for delivery crew and those with their B1/B2 visa, with a few Mediterranean-based opportunities too. If America and the Caribbean do not appeal or seem unlikely based on your skills, do not lose heart. It is always useful to meet contacts in preparation for next year’s Mediterranean yachting season. Moreover, around 40 of the yachts being showcased at the Monaco Yacht Show will be making their debuts and so may also be looking for crew members. Yacht Captains are likely to be exceptionally busy, but drop off a CV at each yacht in the hope the Captain will see it sooner or later.

Where Best to Network?

For networking crew, there are numerous soirees and social gatherings – some of which are more exclusive than others. The legendary Captains’ Dinner, for example – an invitation-only party that is held by Fraser – is one of the big-ticket events but is almost impossible to access as a result. The Captains and Crew Lounge is a more down-to-earth place to socialise between 8:30am and 7:00pm. Captains and crew of exhibiting yachts can enjoy complimentary meals, refreshments and fast Wi-Fi throughout the day. In the afternoon, the C&C Lounge opens its doors to visiting Captains and crew, as long as they are wearing a uniform and carrying a business card. On Friday 29th September, the lounge will host a party from 7:00pm with music courtesy of international DJs Envy Soul and a crew raffle. These events offer a fantastic opportunity to get word-of-mouth information and tips about crew jobs. It is a good idea to interact with as many different people here as possible; who knows what a friendly conversation could lead to?


Seminars and Training

Yacht crew can also benefit from the many seminars and training workshops on offer at the show. The ACREW Lounge will return to the Monaco Yacht Show for the third time, offering masterclasses and talks from industry-leading professionals. ACREW is a specialist international event organiser for yacht crew, which offers free workshops, discussion groups and social activities. The ACREW Lounge is one of the most highly-reputed places to learn career-building skills and interact with the right people. As well as offering training, the lounge will provide crewwiththe chance to mingle during lunches and parties. The events are attended by respected recruiters, such as YPI CREW, who will be on hand to offer both newcomers and seasoned crew career advice. YPI CREW has been recruiting the best crews in the industry for the past 15 years,resulting in a very high placement ratio.

Job Prospects - Monaco Yacht Show 2017

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