Rent a Supercar and Drive to the Voiles de St Tropez 2017

Voiles de St Tropez 2017

Between 30th September and 8th October, the glamorous resort town of Saint Tropez will once again host the main sailing event on the Cote d'Azur, the Voiles de St Tropez. The iconic regatta will bring together some 300 magnificent vintage and modern sailing yachts from across Europe for a seafaring spectacle unlike any other. Adrenaline-inducing racing meets laid-back entertainment, as the international sailing community gathers in one of the world’s most exclusive destinations.

The Cote d’Azur’s Premiere sailing event

Organized by the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez, the annual regatta attracts top racers and sailing enthusiast from around the world. Crews return from racing in the bay each day to paint the pastel coloured fishing port a celebratory red in spectacular fashion. The traditional event evolved from a dual between two yachts, the Pride and Ikra, in the autumn of 1981, with the vessels racing from the Portalet tower of Saint-Tropez to Club 55 – an exclusive beach club in Pampelonne bay, the spot where Brigitte Bardot filmed And God Created Woman.


100 Year-Old Yachts and Modern Supercars

The thrilling regatta will see century-old yachts filling their sails with the first winds of autumn, tacking with each other in the azure water of St Tropez’s bay. These classic vessels will compete for the coveted Rolex Trophy in the Classic Division of over 16 metres, while the high-tech, speedy and manoeuvrable yachts in the Wally Class will vie for the BMW Trophy off the coast of Pampelonne. Whether old or new, luxury yachts have long enjoyed an affinity with supercars. Be it through style, performance, or the thrill of the ride, both supercars and superyachts induce sensations that cannot be mirrored in other domains. From the ferocious Ferrari California to the regal Rolls Royce Drophead, the selection of luxury supercar rentals on offer is more than a match for the fleet of yachts that will appear in the regatta.


Luxury car road trip

Journeying through the picturesque South of France on a road trip to Saint Tropez is a memorable experience. In order to reach St Tropez, luxury car rental is the best option for travelling and allows visitors of the Voiles the freedom to stop off at other enchanting towns along the Cote d'Azur. Some luxury rental companies even drop off the vehicle of your choice, meaning you waste no time in heading to Saint Tropez.

The Aston Martin DB11

If Bond cars hold special appeal for you, the Aston Martin DB11 is a good choice for a touring car. This stylish British grand coupe is designed for comfort, with a plush leather interior that sports features like a sound system with speakers that automatically rise up from the dashboard when you turn on the stereo. With a turbocharged V12 engine delivering 600 horsepower, it offers an impossibly exhilarating ride.


Car Rental with Driver

If relaxing on the rear seat is more to your liking, you can also hire a luxury car with a bilingual chauffeur who knows the area well. The hand-built Rolls Royce Ghost is ideal for the occasion, as it offers a whisper-quiet ride with a plush, spacious interior and plenty of space in the rear for all your luggage.

The Lamborghini Aventador

The Voiles de St Tropez is the ultimate luxury sporting event. As such, it may be more fitting to experience the power of a Lamborghini Aventador – a true racing car, both in the design of its engine and its low aerodynamic body. This is just the precision-handling supercar to manage the hairpin bends of the Grand Corniche, should you take a side trip from Nice to the Italian border along this famous stretch of road with its majestic, elevated views of the Mediterranean.


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