Tag Out Labels - 100

£ 45.00 each


These safety tag-out labels were originally designed for safe working within the maritime industry, but they are equally applicable in any industry where equipment that is either defective or is being worked on requires a visible tag-out label.
These tag-out labels and their perforated tag at the bottom are together individually numbered, making each one unique set and therefore traceable.
The top label is to be secured to the defective equipment and the tag at the bottom should be pinned to a tag-out board in the control room or office.

Each label is:
Individually numbered as a set
Fitted with a brass ferrule for better security
Perforated to allow a tag-out record to easily separate from tag-out label
Coloured bright yellow for good visibility

Allows the operator at the tagged out equipment to see at a glance:
Reason for tag-out
Who tagged the equipment or machinery out
Date tagged out
Any remarks made by the person tagging out

Allows those in the office, control room, or workshop, to see at a glance:
What equipment is tagged out
Who tagged equipment or machinery out
Location of equipment or machinery that has been tagged out
Date completed, indicating that equipment or machinery has been rectified.  At this stage we recommend that the tag-out record is removed from the tag-out board.

Included is a capped plastic tube containing stainless steel locking wire.

Tags customised with yachts name available on request. 

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