Impending Changes to the STCW Refresher Course Requirements

STCW Refresher Course Requirements

As in all industries, regulations in the yachting industry change from time to time and it is up to professionals to keep their qualifications up to date. The situation for seafarers in yacht crew jobs is especially crucial and from 1st January 2017, crewmembers will need to acquaint themselves with new regulations. All crewmembers will be expected to complete a Standards of Training, Certification & Watchkeeping (STCW) refresher course to update their skills every five years.

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Crossing the Med: The MYBA Charter Show Relocates for 2017


In recent years, an increasing number of yacht charterers have considered Spain and the Balearic Islands as viable options for their superyacht charter, thanks to developments in Spain’s yacht charter taxes.

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The Yacht Management Process


Yacht management services, such as those provided by Fraser Yachts,have played an important role in the luxury yacht industry for a long time now, but not everyone is completely aware of the yacht management process and the many advantages it offers to the yacht Owner and crew. New yacht Owners in particular might be uncertain as to what a yacht management company provides, how they support yacht’s onboard crew, or why they play such a vital part in the modern regulatory process.

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Eastern Pacific Weather from Panama to the U.S. West Coast during Late Spring through Autumn

By David Cannon and Jeremy Davis – Weather Routing Inc.

When one looks at the area between the Central American coast and the west coast of the United States, a fairly obvious observation can be made: this is a fairly large area to consider. With that in mind, changes in the weather can always be expected when traveling throughout this area even during the late spring through early autumn. There’s a lot to keep in mind weather-wise when one makes travel plans throughout this part of the world.

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Yacht Crew Events: What's On in the South of France in 2016?


Working on a yacht in the Mediterranean can involve long hours, hard work and extended periods away from your friends and family. However, the upside of this busy vocation is that crews become close-knit teams that often forge strong bonds and establish lifelong friendships. Enjoying free time with your new friends is one of the many highlights of yacht crew jobs. When you get a rare day or week off to relax, visit one of these events to make the most of this summer’s busy schedule in the South of France.

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