General Weather Conditions Year Round From The Red Sea And Across The Northern Indian Ocean

By Amanda Delaney, Mark Neiswender and Brian Whitley of Weather Routing, Inc.

Planning a trip to any of the exotic islands in the Indian Ocean would entice the imagination of any mariner. However, if one does not take into account the seasonal monsoons across the Northern Indian Ocean or the tropical cyclone frequency and tracks for this area of the world, a dream vacation can turn into a horrendous trip. That is why for a mariner it is very important to be knowledgeable about the weather, or to receive assistance from government sources or professional marine meteorologists while underway in order to transit on the safest and fastest route possible.


Year Round Australian and New Zealand Weather

By Amanda Delaney - Senior Meteorologist, Weather Routing Inc.

There is always the dilemma for a mariner to decide when would be the best time to transit to certain regions without encountering inclement weather or a tropical cyclone. A common knowledge of the climatology across Australia, New Zealand and the surrounding waters allows a mariner an idea to choose the best time to make short coastal trips or longer sea basin journeys and what areas to avoid during certain seasons.


The South Pacific: Weather Patterns and More!

By David Cannon and Amanda Delaney – Weather Routing Inc.

So…are you thinking of taking a trip soon? How about to the South Pacific? What comes to mind here? Well tranquility for sure, but is there more to it than that? Unless you are one of those “seasoned veterans”, you may not be aware that there are weather dangers and concerns here as well. The South Pacific offers everything from the very tranquil to the very volatile, and we will examine the various patterns that typically make the weather what it is in this part of the world. We will also let you know of the best areas and times of year to travel. Weather is a very important part of trip planning, and it is our hope that this article will make those less familiar readers aware of how to plan ahead and avoid those weather trouble spots.


Wintertime Cruising from Southern Florida to the Bahamas and Caribbean

By Amanda Delaney - Senior Meteorologist, Weather Routing Inc.

It's early winter and another migration is coming to an end. In this case we are not talking about birds, but mariners in the northern latitudes who are heading south into ports along Southern Florida, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean. These regions are desirable in avoiding the cold and snowy weather, but winter is still present there and traveling can become hazardous at times.


Maritime Weather Patterns Along South Africa

By Amanda Delaney – Senior Meteorologist, Weather Routing Inc.

South Africa has become an increasingly popular tourist destination due to recent economic success, as well as stunning natural beauty. As a result, many mariners have added South Africa to their international itineraries. However, the weather across South Africa is mainly influenced by the surrounding ocean currents, as well as the complex local topography. These weather patterns are highly variable depending on the season and can prove challenging to even the most seasoned mariners.


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